Boy Meets Girl; Royal Edition

The engagement pics speak for themselves but if you’re still in denial, you can watch their official announcement interview on the Tube…YouTube that is.

The Prince has fallen hard and who could blame the poor guy, Miss Markel apparently has more than the sparkle… she’s bringing the whole damn fire!! Burning down all the royal barriers and not giving a single fuck and I am giddy as hell.

How mad are the uptight right? Mad enough to let those tight, ‘polite’ masks slip to reveal the true hate and envy in their hearts. Princess Michael tried it with her messy little Moor broach… silly rabbit, tricks truly are for the kids! Not to mention the use of the word ‘niggling’ on the cover of a British rag in relation to ‘Harkel‘! and Hark is what I need them to do,.. quickly.

No worries though, let them throw salt, after all, it’s not everyday a prince marries a Nubian Queen lol. Princess Michael can save her apology and cries for attention because we have heard all the cheeky double-entendres and subliminal digs before, we get it!

I’m sure the commentary leading up to the big day will be sprinkled with chicken and hot sauce and how to survive in South Central quips but we will not be moved….and neither will the Prince. Who by his own admission had to step up his own swag by hitting the gym a little harder, tweaking his wine list and sprucing up his bachelor pad, in order to win the heart of his new fiancé.

Most men, especially the wealthier ones, would have most likely led with their credentials, their money, and for a Prince, his crown. A testament to how disarming Miss Markel must have been at first glance, not to mention the star power she oozes courtesy of her Hollywood gig, Suits, her fashion blog and her humanitarian pursuits. All-in-all, as fine a pairing as Chicken and Chardonnayyou see what I did there!

Brown girls everywhere, including myself, are busy preparing for the massive tea parties we plan on having in celebration of the Harkel nuptials. And that’s only for those who choose NOT to show up in London to witness the festivities first hand! Serving our best church hats and Sunday Brunch looks, we plan to put on like its Obama’s first inauguration 2009…., yassss bih!!!


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