#Old __School

More like ‘old’ and ‘back in school’, which is my life right now. After all these years in the beauty industry, I am once again a college student.

Changing careers is both exciting and horrifying, but what I will absolutely not do is spend the remainder of my days glueing down lace fronts and inhaling press-n-curl smoke.?

The beauty salon game has changed so much in the last ten years that an ole’school G like me, trained to keep hair healthy, and make women look and feel better about themselves, recognized that it’s time to go… yeah, that way!!

School so far has been interesting from an ‘experienced ‘ adult perspective, I actually want what I pay for, the younger students, not so much! It’s funny, I was this student twenty years ago, wanting only to get it over with and bounce.

My how things have changed, education is not static and plugging back in is incredibly rewarding and fucking stressful. One caveat to my romanticized relationship with college is this ridiculous thing called the ‘group project’, they suck!

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