Spring 2014 Ponytail Invasion

2014 Ponytail Invasion

The Ponytail is HOT again!

The ponytail seemed to dominate the runway at New York Fashion Week this year.

The style is a both a blessing and a curse…… while I’m busy trying to get clients to chop their locks; their biggest concern is whether they will have enough hair left post chop for a ponytail.

Ugh, I hope not! is what I say in my head, but usually end up altering the haircut enough  for a pigtail.

A pigtail provides just enough of a base to attach a ponytail enhancement or extension in order to achieve one of the hottest looks for Spring.

Ponytail Invasion
Ponytail Invasion


Get this look by purchasing a prepackaged synthetic ponytail from your local beauty supply, or using bundled human hair that is weft-ed.  The benefit of using weft-ed human hair is that it  allows you to customize the color to match your hair or whatever color is on trend; and/ or change the style with a curling iron.

Pre-packaged ponytails are usually synthetic hair that will melt if you add heat and you definitely cannot use any hair color so you want to make sure you get as close of a match to your own hair as possible (recommend taking a mirror and going outside in daylight to be sure).

To attach ponytail just make sure your hair is clean and dried with a styling mouse or gel for added control.   Use a frizz free hair creme like Fekkai’s glossing cream or Redken’s #1 Outshine anti-frizz polishing milk for a cleaner ponytail with a little shine. For a matte or messier look use Redken’s #12 Rough Paste or Paul Michelle’s Dry Wax.

The 2014 New York Fashion Week runway looks varied from the ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ high ponytail to the low side ponytail rocked by Chanel Iman for DKNY.  Whichever look you choose make sure you use elastic ties to minimize unnecessary breakage instead of rubber bands; also make sure that the hairpins used to affix your ponytail to your scalp are not too tight or sticking directly into your scalp; this can cause an infection, severe itching and even hair-loss.

Happy Ponytail-ing lol!

messy topknots

backstage ponytail

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