#Arrojonyc Industry Round table

Industry Round table

Nick Arrojo & Club Intrigue come together again and I won’t miss it this time!!!

update….I didn’t miss it but its taken me forever to update this :(:( my badd!

I love #ClubIntrigue and their concept of uniting the industry through education and access #stylisteducatingstylist.   That said, Nick Arrojo, whose name ranks up there with ‘The Doves’, Sam Brocato (#myfave) and Ted Gibson;  put on quite a show replete with half-naked and very beautiful, super-skinny models (seriously, not an ounce of cellulite) anywayzzzz! He debuted his new texture line of products and its many uses on all types of hair..blah, blah, blah!!!

Funny but the real story and what always impresses me more than #Arrojo’s work,  is just how accessible he is.   I have admired his career for many years and witnessed him in action from New York to Long Beach and consistently, he is just a nice guy who loves hairstylist and has a real passion for what he does…namely HAIR.  It is truly refreshing that with all the very egotistical celebrity stylist out there,   you can have success and not be an asshole!

for more info http://www.arrojonyc.com

#arrojonyc #salontrends
#arrojonyc #salontrends








Club Intrigue also presented a cadre of other salons who previewed the trends of their respective salons and the stylist that inhabit them, its fun to watch the crowd roar for their favorite stylist in the room an ego boost we live for.

for more info http://www.clubintrigue.com

Next stop:
On The Road with Sharon Blain
August 3rd, 2015 10:00 Am
Van Michael Salon
Atlanta, Georgia

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