Tattoo’s and Hairstylist

It is true, Hairstylist are a creative bunch…myself included, after all we are right-siders! Right side of the brain that is: Art, Music, Creativity, Contextual, Social, Abstract, Imaginative, Intuitive, Expressive…….all natural functions!

Yet, after twenty-five years in the business, I haven’t a single tattoo! Why??, as much as I appreciate the beauty and skill that goes into these 3D art installations, my left side just won’t let me….not yet anyway!


creativity abounds
creativity abounds

I have been told I live a balanced life brain-wise; equal parts logical, analytical, and literal in harmony with my expressive imagination and artistic ability.  How else would I have survived business school and years of salon management.  My background is also equal parts ‘Military’ (my father) and ‘Religious’ (my mother) so my issue was mostly born out of fear!


My generation, forty something, usually had to sneak and get a tattoo and then hide it until you were grown or moved out of our parents house.  This generation tattoos tear drops and music symbols on their face….times have changed.  FOR SURE!

More and more I am noticing sleeves, back pieces, neck pieces etc. at beauty industry events, most recently at a #NickArrojoExpo event here in Atlanta.  Most of the stylist in the room and on stage were covered in artwork; some good and some…….questionable but I’m sure meaningful!!!




I saw lots of shears or scissors, shears through hearts, flowers, skulls you name it.  I was so fascinated I stopped looking at the hair and panned down to see what inspired these stylist so much that they had to see it every day ON THEIR BODIES!  Unknown-1

What stood out the most; hairstylist are proud to be hairstylist and want to show the world…blow dryers, combs, and cosmetics take center stage.  Quotes run a close second with affirmations of ‘Peace’ , ‘Love’ and ‘Harmony’…none of which you find in hair salons btw!

What would my mother say if I donned a chest piece with a lipstick palate and dueling blow dryers….she’d probably think #Ibeendrinkin’


Maybe I’ll take my mom with me when I finally decided to do it….who knows

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