Weave Free

Weave removal can be tragic but extremely necessary for the health of your hair and scalp.

Your edges will thank you for actually giving them a break;  excess tension caused by tight braids and constant styling leads to breakage, thinning and hair loss over time.


Coloring and relaxing the left out potion of your weave, aka the ‘leave out’, can also lead to hair loss.  It is far better for your hair if you remove your weave every six to eight weeks and properly relax and/or color all of your hair. Only targeting the ‘leave out’ portion while your weave is in only leads to inconsistency in your chemical processing when it is removed.

The challenge post-weave removal now becomes how NOT to overlap the previously processed portion of your hair while touching up the hair that for weeks was tucked and braided beneath your extensions.

Btw, please, please, please make sure to use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair and separate any knots that may have formed, as hair continues to shed as normal-even while its braided.  If you neglect this step you could be in for a major hair cut to remove the giant dreadlocks that could form while shampooing soiled and tangled hair…. particularly chemically processed hair.js

Being weave free is inconvenient and cumbersome but also liberating and necessary for balance and perspective.  Weave is an accessory, an enhancement and possibly a fantasy…. Your hair is an extension of you, your texture is unique to you and should be embraced or at the very least accepted and respected.

Steps to living a #WeaveFree existence:  even if it’s only for a few weeks!

1. Find a style that reflects your personality and style whether you’re weaved up or weave free.

2. Find a professional stylist to execute this style, remember that you cannot properly relax your own hair without overlapping your placement.  It is not wise to cut your own hair OR apply your own hair color… For obvious reasons!

3. Find products that are conducive to your texture and the condition of your hair.i.e. (Fine, normal, coarse, dry, weak, chemically processed, or curly) and use them weekly, deep conditioning bi- weekly or as needed

4. Take breaks from tension inducing hairstyles like braids, weaves, extensions or tight ponytails attached with hairpins. (Try removable wigs, falls or clip-ins for temporary styling or for days where you refrain from heat tools. 

5. Love Thyself!!!

Straight hair, curly hair, kinky hair, no hair….. You are beautiful 😘

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