Sew- in’s 911

Natural hair that was deep conditioned via Hydration Therapy,  extensions added for length and volume!

Silky Press (Natural Hair) pieces added for length
Silky Press (Natural Hair) pieces added for length
natural hair with added extensions for extra length
natural hair with added extensions for extra length

Sew-In weaves have become so commonplace that people have taken to YouTube and random basements to have them done cheaply and conveniently….unfortunately for those people…..their hair looks like it was done cheap and fast.

Bulky, too-long, wig looking hair is never sexy nor cute….it should be avoided at all cost.

Your weave should look like you were born with it, or it could have grown from your particular scalp….work with me I AM going somewhere with this.

If  your are not from New Delhi or Punjab than your weave should not be 40 inches long.  If you are of African-American descent than your hair should have some texture and weight so that it blends with your hair even when humidity is high.

If your front, sides and edges are even the slightest bit thin than you should consider a closure piece because trying to cover up a track with three to four times the normal strands in density with three to four strands of hair just won’t work……if you are serious about this thing.

Opt for textured hair like relaxed hair that flat irons straight much like natural hair or Bollywood Indian Remi from or Brazilian body wave or deep wave from #TrueGlory Hair in Georgia.  True Glory has two locations, one near Stonecrest Mall in Lithonia and the other off Cumberland Blvd in Smyrna Georgia.  The Price ranges on the very high-end for Extensions Plus add shipping unless you live in California to the very low-end, affordable range at True Glory.

Whatever you choose, have your hair installed by a professional hairstylist with experience in caring for your natural hair as well as your weave.  Hair care is essential to wearing  weave because it provides the base that secures your installation and has to be in good enough shape that it blends flawlessly with your extensions.  Dry, damaged hair that is shedding or thinning out does not make  a great base for hair extensions.

You’ve been warned!

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