the talking dead!

Im not the most gregarious stylist on the planet but I am always down for some good Judy gab…translation, gossipy conversation. If your a new client, theres always the requisite; ‘where are you from?’, ‘how did you find out about the salon?’ or ‘what area do you live, work or play?’…basic ice breakers and conversation starters. Most people respond accordingly, and the rest takes care of itself.

And then theres that other group of customers (of the lemon sucking variety). Dead faced! monosyllabic, no inflection, no expression….almost like to every question they want to answer you with the middle finger.

Listen, I’m okay with just quietly providing you with a nice press or haircut with out engaging in meaningless dialogue; but who does that in a beauty shop? Its a hair salon for fucks sake, if nothing else you should enjoy your experience, laugh or learn something! If nothing else, you must take with you erroneous gossip to spread about the masses…THATS MY JOB!

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