Black Girls Rock! Viola Davis & Uzo Aduba Make History With Their Lead Role Wins At The SAG Awards



Generally I would say something snarky like, “why the black girls always gotta be heavy or unattractive or crazy”  Well, considering the plethora of other races looking and acting crazy on TV…I will save that particular rant…it just doesn’t hold water anymore.  Instead I will say, thank the LAWD these ladies are working. (side note: the Lord has nothing to do with THIS show lol) definitely adult programming.

I can’t and won’t imagine what it is like to be an actress in the crazy world of film & television.  Without having first hand knowledge, I know it takes courage and patience to put yourself out there for the world to judge you on a single note, performance or appearance. For these ladies to take these roles and make them their own to the point that they are nationally acknowledged and globally recognized!!! all I can say is KUDOS!!!



I was hoping she would be recognized for her tremendous talent, they got this one right!



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