Color class in session

In my efforts never to miss an educational opportunity a stones throw from my salon; I attended Cosmoprof’s Paul Mitchell Shine XG color class this morning.

Liz Gardo, PM's Senior National Educator, did a great job of not only, demonstrating why we should be using ALL of Paul Mitchell's products but also be in attendance at this years 'The Gathering' in Las Vegas the first week in August.

While the class was informative, Mrs. Gardo's 12 years of experience using Paul Mitchell products were quite evident, I genuinely just like being in the presence of passionate salon professionals. We spend so much time behind-the-chair in our own respective salon bubbles, rarely do we get a chance to just socialize and exchange tips and tricks.

I use approximately fifty to sixty percent of Paul Mitchell's product line including the PM Shines. The addition of ShineXG bridges the gap between the 'PM Shines' and 'The Color' with the advantages of the Dyesmart technology, being ammonia free and delivering up to six weeks of intense color. Since ShineXG fades on tone, so your busy clients won't have to run back to the salon for root touch ups…. Unless they want to of course.

At Premier Orlando last year, I got a preview of this new line by Robert Cromeans and Linda Yodice, they put on an amazing show and the the colors were vibrant with great shine due to the addition of rice milk and cottonseed oil in the formulation.

I just may add Paul Mitchell's ShineXG to my arsenal back at the salon… Well see after I attend 'The Gathering'!






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