Dear LA Hair, Fire Angela!!

Star of L.A. Hair
Star of L.A. Hair







See again, yes clients can go to whomever they want at any time, but can we handle these things professionally. If I work in a salon with a team I respect, the last thing I would want to do is jeopardize our working relationship. Now i don’t know how often this ‘client’ comes in but i am certain it is NOT everyday….which is how often you see your co-worker.

Furthermore, Kim throwing their dysfunctional relationship in China’s face while she is clearly hurt and annoyed at the audacity of it all… not the answer. Why was this even being discussed on the floor in earshot of other guest…oh, because it a reality show (boom)

Another reason why I need Tums to watch these reality tv displays of ratchet beauty shop behavior!

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Recently I had the pleasure of tuning in to Kim Kimble’s WeTV reality show ‘LA Hair’.  I preface this entry by stating off the top that I am a huge fan of Kim Kimble and admire what she has been able to accomplish in this very competitive hair industry.  As the owner of her own Los Angeles salon, creator of Kim Kimble Haircare line retailed at Target and Stylist to the likes of Lady GaGa, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce and Kerry Washington. Miss Kimble has reached a level of success few hairstylist ever realize and I was hoping her show would be indicative of her level of professionalism…… I may be wrong.

Kim and cast of hit WE TV show
Kim and cast of hit WE TV show

I watched an episode featuring a stylist at LA Hair by the name of Angela.  Now this child somehow got it in her head that it was okay to solicit the owners (Kim’s) celebrity clients.  Eve, is not really a celebrity in my book but for the purposes of this situation, we’ll go with it.  Eve is a client of Kim’s and whether Angela reached out to Eve or Eve called Angela; Kim should have been notified.  Instead of Angela handling the gig  like a professional, pulling Kim aside and being truthful about her desire to be a celebrity stylist by stealing her clients one by; she chose to meet with the client secretly and style her hair at a local hotel.

To add insult to injury, Angela styled Eve (Former Actor /Hip Hop Artist) and then returned to the salon only to brag about the job she clearly stole from her boss.  I clutched my pearls as Angela gave Kim crazy attitude while confronting her in the salon about stealing the booking.  Is this girl slow? did she fall and bump her head? what the hell!.  Angela totally missed the point of what Kim was trying to explain to her, like you are contractually obligated to operate in a professional manner, and that means you cannot solicit my clients.

styling Layla Ali's gorgeous mane
styling Layla Ali’s gorgeous mane

Angela’s response to Kim was atypical of a young, immature, and selfish hairstylist who only consider’s themselves while trying to grow their business.  Some stylist want to reap all the benefits of someone else’s success without putting in any of the work or making any of the tough sacrifices.  Kim’s reputation, success, and client roster  is the result of many years and tears and here comes this young buck wanting to ride the wave, and disrespectfully no less.

After the dust cleared, all Kim had the heart to do was suspend her; I would have fired her that day.  once you allow a certain level of disrespect to reside in your building; it is the beginning of the end.

Kim, set the tone; toss her!!!!

6 thoughts on “Dear LA Hair, Fire Angela!!

  1. Angela needs to come back with a new attitude, and
    with more respect and due diligence. I will miss her and so will her captive audience. Kim you have made us watch and respect you, Boss Lady! Good Job you guys!


  2. That’s some bullshit I love Angela she was one of the ppl who made the show! I believe a lot of the women was hating on her cause she got it going on! Now who needed to get fired is tht week ass hatin ass china cause she don’t think before speaking like she did viv fox just disrespectful! Then she made a comment abt snoop dog. When she was talkin abt Angela trip in tyland. Tht hoe china need to go weak ass bitch…


    1. You have to give respect where respect is due; this industry was built on it. The only reason Angela’s sorry behind is even on television is because of Kim’s hard work and career achievements, that’s it and that’s all!!! But thanks for commenting<3


      1. I just watched all seasons of L.A. Hair. Just because adult A is older than adult B, is in no way an indication of maturity. Since the very first episode, Kim has been jealous of Angela’s success, tearing her down, and refuses to ever listen to Angela’s side. Angela was never in the wrong. China & Naija were nothing but unprofessional dirt, yet they want to believe Angela is such culprit. Kim always late & running behind on the show, but Angela is late like twice and it’s the ultimate death sentence. This article is purely trash.


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