Update your look with color

The summer has swooshed by in a nanosecond while you were busy living leaving your tresses unprepared for the Fall holiday season. Tis the season for holiday parties, gift shopping, cold weather and possibly….a Winter romance. I mean it seems like yesterday that we were welcoming in the New Year 2014, and here we are Holiday Season…ALREADY!

Well start your engines because its November 1st and theres no turning back now!!.
Lets start at the top….your hair. A simple fix to prepare for the rush of November thru New Years Day is COLOR. Whether you want to transform from light to dark or dark to light….get festive with rich mahogany or warm caramel’s or add some pumpkin spice to the ends of your Cranberry roots, you can’t go wrong just DO SOMETHING!

Sometimes all it takes is a quick pick me up with a new color glaze, a thirty minute salon service that will add shine and depth to your tired summer ends. As women, the one’s usually in charge of the holiday feast, home & office decor, school festivities and everything in between; we rarely take the time to treat ourselves because were taking care of every one else from the nice secretary at your office that works so hard helping you get things done to the family pet. Honestly FIDO gets more love than we give to ourselves.

Highlights can range from accent, meaning just a few to frame the face or a more multi-faceted approach using multiple colors for maximum blending. The former will require pretty expensive maintenance to keep those roots in step with the look but well worth the coins if you have them…and the time.

If your a mousy or dusty brown, try adding depth with a Chocolate base and hints of Caramel and Cranberry to break up the density and add texture without adding highlights. Its a great look that will have your co-workers wondering…..’did you do something different with your hair’?

All and all, have some fun this fall with a splash of color or just drench it in Chocolate…sounds delicious doesn’t it!!!

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