Green is the new Pink

Green is the new Pink

Salonography is a creative establishment that not only specializes in color but enjoys the challenge of not only corrective color but utilizing the entire box of crayons to create something unique for our clients.
Kelsey was a beauty school grad who was the victim of too many hands in the pot, this happens to all hairstylist at least once and its generally happens during salon down time or when new products arrive. Traditionally when I choose models for photo shoots I go for the best canvas possible but sometimes when you find a candidate with great features and a unique look….you just figure it out!

Kelsey came to me with a motley of colors including a fringe area that had a different color in each of the three zones. Zone one being pale blonde and zone 3 being orange with hints of brown and green added for shits and giggles. She was going for blonde in all zones but because she had previously colored her hair dark, along with a few fashion tones in between, they just couldn’t lift beyond orange mid-shaft.

Ironically, Kelsey’s hair was still in descent shape with enough elasticity for #Pravana’s Vivids color in Teal green, playing off the hints of green already visible. With the addition of a few strategically placed and custom-colored clip-ins…Kelsey was ready for her close up!

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