Stealing Clients a Rant continued!

#LA Hair
#LA Hair

Looking forward to the season 4 of #LAHair and my fave @Dontaysavoy2 btw, go follow him on IG….He’s hilarious and honestly the best reason to tune in. I am praying for a little professionalism this season and less antics but I have realized that the viewers have love for the foolishness. (side-eye)

Yes,  clients can go to whomever they want at any time, but we are capable of handling these things professionally.   If I work in a salon with a team I respect, the last thing I would want to do is jeopardize our working relationship. Now I don’t know how often this ‘client’ comes in but I am certain it is NOT everyday….which is how often you see your co-worker.

Furthermore, Kim throwing their dysfunctional relationship in China’s face while she is clearly hurt and annoyed at the audacity of it all… not the answer. Why was this even being discussed on the floor in earshot of other guest…oh, because it a reality show (boom)

Another display of ratchet salon behavior!

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