Woke but sleepwalking!

I think I’ve hit my limit on black folks deflecting blame on any and everyone but the group of people who are inherently most responsible, black folks! Communities of color have been abdicated in favor of Non-Urban Suburbia where the schools are ‘better’, the shopping is on trend and the cafe’s are ‘farm-to-table’. Honesty you can grow collard greens in your backyard if you want to keep it organic. But go ahead, give Whole Foods your whole paycheck, clearly Mr. Bezo’s could use the extra money O/o.

Why not spend the entirety of your disposable income on private school? You won’t need that retirement money once your dead from the stress of keeping up with the lifestyles of people who can actually afford private schools…. or have parents that pay for their grandchildren to attend the most elite academies. No matter, it’s only wealth and inheritance at stake; those who already have it and those desperately trying to look like they do but never will for that very reason.

‘I’m rich Bitch’ has replaced that ole’Negro spiritual ‘We Shall Overcome’ as SOME black folks catapult their way into the higher echelons of INSTAGRAM fabulous while others sit on the sidelines wondering what the hell happened to unity, brotherhood, and the movement. Oh, the movement still exist-most notably by way of podcast and T-shirt sales with pro black affirmations and twitter beefs between the black liberation movement and various degrees of woke negroes ignoring the ineptitude of our political leadership. When social media threads debate questions of, are we black, African-Americans or Nigga’s to whether KimKardashian’s black card is stamped certified or rejected, we know we have conceded the movement for the moment.

We’ve moved so far away from figuring out ways to build, solidify and use our economic power structure to push forward an agenda that benefits black people because we’re to busy reigning praise on the hood hustle of Cardi B and Cookie Lyons. I Stan for #BlackGirlMagic as much as the next black woman but at what cost to our community, our soul, our dignity, and our ‘global’ image.

It matters very little to some if our neighborhoods are in shambles and the wealthy developers are being paid to clean them up. Make no mistake, they’re not cleaning it up for us, they aim to create profit centers that incidentally, DO NOT include low income, people of color, US… in case of any confusion.

And why would they, if we can’t collaborate to create community wealth for ourselves, why would anyone outside of our community take on that job? We are as predictable as Christmas decorations at Target in November; you already know what’s going on in the back of the store the day after Halloween. Much like black folks being first in line to spend entire paychecks in shopping malls fifteen to twenty miles from home, further perpetuating the lack of investment in our own neighborhoods.

Between what we spend on Hennessy, red bottoms, Weave and Michael Kors, we could have already rebuilt the hood… but I’ll wait! Our day of reckoning has come with the passage of 45’s #TaxScamBill2017, that $1.5 Trillion dollar debt will come directly from the ass of the poor and colored, yes… I said, colored, because that’s what we will return to in just a few short months.


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