#MeToo momentum!

As daily sexual harassment allegations drip in from the rusty faucets of the gentrified   caucasoid, my bowels become ever more irritable.  My defenses already weakened by the constant attacks this administration wages on womans’ reproductive rights and health care.  Fortified by the morality police, an apparent decoy to deflect attention away from those that indulge in all manner of debauchery, leaving the most vulnerable in need of real protections.

Turns out the problem with women in America is that ‘’we are powerful’, beyond measure. Women, by design and by right, hold all the cards that lead to the self-actualization of the American male;  their success, their legacy, their power, their image, their virility, their hearts, their beliefs, their pleasure, ……their love.

Somewhere along the way, men figured this out, maybe in high school when the girl they worshiped chose the cooler boy, or when they did’t make the team, or while their little heads were being struck by the locker door as they fought against being pushed in entirely.  Who know’s when men realized they had to conquer the world to get the girls but oftentimes, that doesn’t work either.

What we do know is that rejection is a bitch,  a predator, and a virus that seeks new cells to infect like…. coworkers, subordinates, personal assistants, staffers and interns, actresses and journalists, musicians and moms.

No woman is safe unless all women speak up and tell their #metoo stories!

How unhappy and unfulfilled must some men be to prey on the very thing God charges them to love and protect. How else can this phenomenon be explained; do all men hate their mothers? Do they envy their daughters? Do they resent their sisters? Do they want to be women? I’m trying to understand the contempt for God in the era of family values and patriotism. Who will be the last man standing in the crowded room of narcissist and what will he stand for, for fucks sake?

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