White Hot!

Maybe if I was married to king Kanye and had given birth to the worlds two most adorable mulattos, spent the majority of my adult life constructing a silicon body that would rival a Luke dancer, and bronzed to a crisp Ethiopian brown, maybe, just maybe I would think I was black enough to tell a black person how to feel about racism and forgiveness.

But see, here’s the thing;  if I were a white woman of Armenian descent who was married to an African-American man and the mother of two semi-African-American children,  I would NEVER presume to understand how the hateful comments of a ranting social-climber would affect my life or the lives of an already ‘race sensitive’ group who’s history is steeped in institutional and systemic discrimination.
But I’m not a Kardshian so I haven’t mastered the art of cultural appropriation (boxer braids), highly-insensitive faux pas’s (Pepsi ad) and fake apologies (For speaking on something you knew nothing about);  but I can assure you that in both scenarios I’d probably just ‘shut the fuck up’ and mind my own damn business
But that’s just me!



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