Wigga please!!

It didn’t start with Charlottesville and it won’t end with Charlottesville, Donald   Trump didn’t create the racist environment we currently reside in he only exposed it to those who insist that America is inclusive.

America was founded and built on the free labor that racism perpetuated.  You can’t capture, breed and torture an entire group of people without convincing your friends and neighbors that your slaves are well cared for personal property.  Subhuman, absent of morals, values and any redeeming quality beyond WORK!  Not only that,  this stolen asset that you’ve arbitrarily taken ownership of,  comes with a users manual that will keep the offspring of the slave under perpetual subjugation for generations to come, written by Willie Lynch.

So while our ancestors were raped, beaten, used and abused in the service of the tobacco and textile industry,  plantation owners amassed a level of wealth that the south had never before seen.

Wealth creation off the backs of Africans and eventually African Americans is what provoked the Civil War, and for those who claim ‘states rights’ you can kick rocks!  Yes the states wanted the right to keep slavery as a free labor source as they were lazy as fuck and couldn’t imagine actually maintaining a life of luxury without slaves.

And don’t get me started on the role of the Caucasian woman who always seems to benefit from the misfortune of black women #Becky53.

Whenever I watch these slave chronicles that seem to be so prevalent in Hollywood these days, I wonder to myself…. what the hell were y’all doing while we were cleaning your house, ironing your clothes, cooking your dinner, nursing your babies (literally) and violated by your husbands, sons, brothers and daddy’s .  You, Caucasian women were and CONTINUE to be complicit in these atrocities because not only were you aware of these misdeeds, you said and did NOTHING!

You turn your backs on the immorality and vile acts perpetuated by members of your family and friends because the trade off of rejecting the status quo would mean social isolation and a lower class status. Apparently the mutilation of a mother by having her baby cut from her belly as a fear tactic is worth an invitation to the governors ball’s, and a seat at the bridge table.

I watched the rally at Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville and thought; each of these young men are the sons, brother’s and husbands of a Caucasian woman who unfortunately CONTINUES to turn her back on the ongoing machinations of hate and white supremacy!

The economics of hate remain,  the blame placed squarely on people of color for the lazy as fuck and entitled right.

You are angry because you feel as though the Blacks, Mexicans and Jews are to blame for your lack of success when the reality of history rejects that notion off hand.

When the ‘White’ and the ‘right’ have systematically designed, controlled and regulated every wealth creating institution in the United States of America, how can you cry ‘reverse discrimination’?

From the government,  educational institutions, Health Care, Food industries, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Retail, Fire Arms, Tobacco, Alcohol, Law Enforcement etc. etc. White Americans have no excuse for not achieving upward mobility and wealth… it’s been damn near handed to you yet you blame your failures on the most vulnerable, the most oppressed groups with the least amount of access, privilege and legacy.

You ungrateful bastards you, you march in the streets in your cosplay get ups and gun show artilary as if we’re supposed to shake in our boots at your mere presence!

Wigga Please!!!

In my humble opinion, this fight is no longer ours…. this fight for humanity, equality, freedom of religion, and Womens rights belongs to you my Caucasian female friends.  The Mothers, wives and sisters of every white supremacists who blames people of color for their failures needs to be called out on their bull shit.  And miss me with the political talking points because labels are irrelevant at this moment in American History….., it’s on you #Becky53!

and btw,


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