Is it me…. or… ( in my #FunkyDineva voice) are we confused by all of these elementary school teachers proclaiming that, because of the success of #BlackPanther, they are now motivated to teach African History to their students. What the hell, isn’t that what y’all were supposed to be doing in the first damn place? ….Asked the person currently working towards a teacher certification for this very reason.

Is that supposed to be a great thing or a yet another tragic indictment of our education system? After all, weren’t we supposed to be moving towards multiculturalism in schools, relating to children in a way that acknowledges cultural differences!

Working in schools as a substitute for that last couple of years, I have witnessed that most children, including mine before I decided to #homeschool for a spell, go through K-12 without any sense of self OR self love, culturally pickpocketed while distracted by all this fancy American consumerism.

All love and no shade to Ryan Coogler and the cast of the Marvel Comic adaptation, buuuuuttttt, Africa is the fucking ‘cradle of civilization’ with a vast amount of historical contributions to civilization; ethnic dynasties, exceptional warriors and the most beautiful people to ever walk the earth. Yet, it takes a damn movie to inspire teachers to pass along a few nuggets of African knowledge.

We gotta do better! For all of our sakes, I hope we seize this momentum in a real way and maintain the energy and dignity of our distant ancestors. The gag is that the divide between Africans and Black Americans is real, but we can start the healing by teaching our child not to be a bully at school by shunning African children because of their cultural differences, especially since we are now reacquainted with the our ancestral heritage by way of …. a Marvel comic a book!

Just saying!

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