Pixi Realness;  Don’t call it a comeback

Don’t say short hair is BACK, or the Natural look is BACK,  or that black girls are liberated from weave….because none of that is true!

Short hair has never gone out of style. It just kicks in the door every so often to remind us of its  fabulosity.

Remember Halle in Strictly Business and 2002’s ‘Jinx’ cropped top?  no bond girl had ever emerged from the sea with wet hair and tangerine bikini so well!  Hands down Halle had the hottest look and most requested for at least five years!img_3209

But by the end of the millennium we were all ‘Bossy’ like  Kelis, minus the black-n-white cut out piece that could still shut it down in 2017.

Ursula Stephens gave us a pixie reboot starring  Rhianna and its safe to say,  she rocked the hell out of it!

Short, Sexy, Fun!









So here we are 2017, revisiting the short and sexy and folks are acting like its brand new…..we been doing this!!


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