Does America hate women?

I saw this post and my immediate reaction was to find Naomi Schaefer Riley and physically relieve her of all of her reproductive organs…. preferably in tact and through her nasal cavity.

What woman? And I’m only presuming from her photo that in fact she is in fact female, would betray her own gender by diminishing the value of our ‘Creator of Life’ contribution to society? What a Bitch!!

Seriously,  women have been getting dragged non-stop for some years now.  

Women with children suffer from the highest poverty rates, homelessness; are victims of domestic violence and the sex trade; unyielding attacks on OUR reproductive rights, even though men aren’t held accountable for knocking us up; consequential pay disparities, sexual harassment, abandonement, depression and an overall disrespect for our unwavering love and support for the men in our lives.

But this statement ‘Having a baby isn’t a miracle and doesn’t make you a goddess’ comment really burns my ass!! 

What part of a cell the size of a pin head transforming into seven to eight pounds of living, breathing human-being with finger nails and eyelashes… does NOT represent a miracle from heaven?

Moreover, if the fact that pregnant women walk around with flailing limbs of small humans VISIBLY waving at them from the inside of their bellies isn’t goddess worthy, I don’t know what the hell is!

My guess is that this is more about ‘Bey envy’ than birth-shaming, but the implication remains the same!  

I don’t worship at the alter of Queen Bey, but I appreciate that she represents the nuclear family, a strong work ethic, and unparalleled creativity and ingenuity.  

You can hate on her all you like but it won’t stop her #BlackGirlMagic!

But for the record, Miss Riley, you can GFY!!

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