The Breaks

As I opened my IG page this morning I was sad and mortified to find out that one of my fave hairstylist @AnthonyCuts,  is in the midst of a pseudo-celebrity decoupling.  Just as I was adjusting my stalker vision eyewear to his constant love and happiness pics with said fiancé.  Sigh

But even more noteworthy  was the homage to love he posted in ther honor on his Instagram page.  This level of grown-ass-manism has never graced the threads of the very, very, petty, social-media in my lifetime…. and that’s saying something 🤣

I will not repost his love letter to the world but I will paraphrase it here…..basically, they braided each other’s hair ever night in matching boy shorts watching HTGAWM! But had some serious issues! And now that is over don’t check them boo… because it’s all good and they are on to the next!

I will just leave this here;  one of my fave tutorials featuring his boo-be-gone… sigh!  Why lawd??

Well wishes to you both!!

Who will I Troll next?!


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