Vote for your life!!!

After listening to Jill Stein’s interview on the Politically ReActive podcast,  I really considered investing my vote into a third-party candidate instead of the double negatives currently running for POTUS.  

The Green Party seems more aligned with a few issues that plague communities of color.i.e mass incarcerations,  underperforming schools and public health crisis like lead in our water systems that leave us chronically affected.  Jill Stein heads the Green Party ticket,  albeit not on the ballot in Georgia.  

The Green candidate won the vote of one member of the #Politicallyreactive duo,  much to the surprise of the other … a lol moment to be sure,  and I get it. Voting for a third-party can be considered a risk for someone like me who lives in a red state.  We don’t have a vote to spare down here in the South,  investing votes is a blue state luxury.  I’m not sure where Hari lives but I’m certain it’s not below the Mason Dixon Line.

I’m not super excited about another Clinton in the White House, especially since Bill is the reason mass incarnations doubled, and since the three strikes law and mandatory sentencing happened during his administration.  Not to mention welfare ‘reform’ and his proclivities towards frat boy behavior.  

….. Trump though O_O,  is birth of a nation incarnate;  D.W Griffiths  version NOT Nate Parkers… which I cannot bring myself to watch.

This election needs to be a swift kick in the gluteus to all those local politicians that were derelict in their duties the last two or six years.  Thousands of hours and tax dollars wasted on Benghazi hearings that failed to reach the goal of keeping Hilary far, far away.  No hearings on SCOTUS,  gun safety laws, homeland security appointments etc. Seriously,  they’re supposed to be running the government not using their power like mean girls in high school.  

Fire them all with your vote!!

Vote like your life depends on it!!! 

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