…..Here’s #WENDY

Hopefully you enjoyed your Halloween as much as I did.  If you haven’t guessed it…which no one did until I got into ‘how you doin’ formation, Wendy Williams was my inspiration.  

A couple things,  I wore three bras to pull off her super-sized rack,  but unfortunately I could do nothing to reduce the size of my super-sized derrière.  

The plan, a leopard print wrap dress, kitten heels and a Wendy or ‘W’ necklace.       But as always, I ran out of time so this get up is actually from my closet.  My son loves to say that I dress like a ‘mob wife’,  now I get it…. not funny!

This brings me to the second thing.  So while I’m enjoying myself at my friends party,  not bothering a soul.  Some women gets a notion to ask me if my curves are all mine… in front of company.  Lucky for her I was only one cocktail in at this party so my response was still a sober one.  “Like,  is that a costume or did you just throw that on’ she says.  I’m thinking, Bitch, how did you know I just grabbed this from my closet and hit it!  I did not say that but I copped to the enhancements followed by the side eye -slow eyeroll sequence.

Halloween 2016

Ladies, can we not do this to one another… nice nasty, back-handed compliments that are really meant to belittle.   Being petty only shines a light on your insecurities,  confidence is so much sexier!

Anyhoo… how’d I do??

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