Black girls do have hair!!

You would think with all the weave and wig support that sistas were either hiding baldness underneath or worse trying to be something other than black.  

Great news, it’s neither of the two majorly assumed options,  we (including me) are follicularly and psychologically sound!  We and I, just love hair!  

Black girls love hairstyle  versatility, and diversity , but mostly and in the simplest terms, we like to look good.  Call it a cultural thing if you must because black men are equally afflicted with vanity.  One need only peruse a babershop or nail salon to witness how mens hygiene has reached new heights.

The gag is, that under all that Indian-Remi, body-wave  tracks and lace front closures,  most black girls have massive amounts of hair underneath.  

The gag is,  in order to protect those bountiful, natural curls and sexy kinks,  black girls chose wiggy weavy options to keep from losing the natural curve of our kink.  

Unfortunately our crowns of glory are historically strong but vulnerable to today’s treatment which is why many of us have opted out of chemical processes blow outs and thermal straightening.

The above model is relaxer free but loves color,  that’s the trade-off, if you want color you must refrain from all other chemical treatments and from applying heat tools on a regular basis.  

The take away,  don’t worry so much about it;  black girl magic is real whether we are natural, pressed, permed, wigged, weaved or bald!! 

It’s all good😘

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