Break Up to Make Up

Well not an actual break up per se.   Being a cosmetologist by trade I have applied make up when asked…or..forced  over the years but mostly I passed those clients along to the resident skin care therapist.  The part of beauty school I most associate with trauma from the bikini waxes we had to perform on random patrons of the hairy sort.

Ironically,  I began my beauty career at the make up counter for Fashion Fair,  the  Naval Exchange in San Diego of all places.  I’m grateful for that counter experience, it required that I interact with diverse groups of people and color match all ethnicities, not easy, but necessary.  More alike than not, California residents are all a shade of sunburned.  The training behind the counter also sharpened my sales skills and customer service acumen….quotas were not a game!!

Fast forward past twenty-years of behind-the-chair slavery and make up is all the rage again.  Youtuber’s is an actual word, a noun and a verb, and they’ve invaded my life with make up tutorials on an endless loop.

Make-up as a salon service, eyebrow-arching and eyelash applications have become the most requested items on the menu….who knew!  Similar to the moment when the natural hair movement ousted the creamy crack;  so goes the every two-week shampoo & style client.

So when life hands you lemons..what do you do? (ask Bey)  My lemonade moment came when I checked my email and discovered an upcoming make up course at the Gwynnis Mosby Make Up Academy here in Atlanta.  Already familiar with the genius of Gwynnis Mosby, as she was the make up artist on set for my first professional photo shoot many moons ago.  Gwynnis was also the make up artist for TLC, Toni Braxton and several other world-renowned movie and music personalities.

Before I knew it I’d plucked down nine hundred dollars and enrolled at Gwynnis’s master make up course at GMMA , formally owned by Charles Gregory the Key Hairstylist/ Make Up artist for Tyler Perry Studios and owner of CG Dry Bar.

The class was five days of intense theory on the history of make up and pioneers of the industry in addition to two days of hands-on demonstrations with on highlighting and contouring.  We spent a good amount of time on color matching and custom blending with an exhaustive array of shades and tones….Miss Gwynnis don’t play about that blending.

All in all, an invaluable experience with the added benefit of hearing GM’s personal stories  of working with celebrities and on movie sets.  After you complete the master class, the make up academy allows you sit in on future classes as a refresher course and offers hands-on practice times at the school every Thursday.

Learning the make up trade can be daunting if you’re a first timer, it’s not as easy as it looks on YouTube, particularly when applying it to someone other than yourself.  I was able to hone my skills and learn a few new tips and tricks but mostly the take away was professionalism and integrity in the industry so that your career may be long and successful.

For more information about the academy:

Gwynnis Mosby Make Up Academy  located at 690 Miami Circle NE Ste. 575, Atlanta Ga. 30324 @gmmakeupacademy

Good Luck!



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