The Make Up Show!

Orlando, Fla. January  30, 31  2016

Make Up is the way, the truth and well….I won’t go as far as that but you would think it was the light.  As long as I’ve been cutting through the crowded hair show circuit (Bronner Bros., IBS, Cosmoprof, ABS, ProBeauty) I have never seen the kind of enthusiasm and coo coo for cocoa pops crazy as I witnessed at this gathering of guru’s.

Outside of PMAC, the only permanent make up show in Atlanta, I don’t remember every attending a make up only trade show.  Typically, cosmetics falls under the spa or skin care category;   no fan fare,  and definitely no celebrity artist.  I guess the powers that be in the make up arena said ‘the hell with that’!!!

Thus, the Make Up Show…

Two days of non-stop demonstrations, classes, celebrity fireside chats and plenty of shopping!!

Renowned artist Sian Richards, Charlie Green, James Vincent, Eugenia Weston, and Scott Barnes,  just to name most, were all on deck ready and willing to answer any questions and snap a selfie..or two….or….O_o

Charlie Green, Danessa Myricks and Sian Richards were my favorite presenters, aside from the obvious #girlpower,  they were incredibly gracious and humble.   Charlie Green’s work makes women look pretty, natural and not over-contoured like the current trends dictate.  Watching her work was inspiring,  using her hands much of the time with a small kit filled with products from drug store to designer….my fave!!

Danessa’s classes were hands-on and unfortunately, sold out but she did present for #FriendsBeauty,  where she extolled the benefits of having the right tools in your kit.  Danessa just launched a product line of lashes, illuminators and pigments at

Sian Richards, owner of The London Brush Company and personal mua to Halle Berry and Queen Latifah, agreed with Danessa on the importance of quality tools but in a spectacularly more colorful way…gotta luv those Brits!  Sian insists that using the right brush and learning to blend with high quality products negates the need to spend extra money on HD products.

Unfortunately, it was too late……

I spent an absurd amount of money on #Stilazzi shadows and blushes, London Brushes, Cozzette Brushes, Kett Powder, Eve Pearl shadow palettes (b/c@gossmakeupchat said so!!), AJ Crimson lipsticks (a staple now), Gleam by Melanie Mills (love it), Embryolisse, and BenNye HD Pro palettes!!

Many more shows to com but if you can’t get away from the salon just check out these websites.

Links to products mentioned above:

  • eve

Coming Up:

Pop Up Make Up Show, San Francisco August 13 & 14,  2016


Keep up:

@gmmakeupacademy (Gwynnis Mosby, Founder & Celebrity Make up artist)

@jvincentmakeup (James Vincent, Dir. of Education and Artist Relations



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