Colorful Angels

It takes courage to live out loud and in whatever truth gives you wings.  It’s not an easy existence to crave acceptance but be denied what you seek due to reasons out of your control like your race, sex, or gender. 

When waking up and going about your day could be potentially dangerous for no other reason than who you are, whom you love or what you look like.  

When your only safe haven is amongst people with whom you share a commonality; your team! 

When all you can do to get through the day or week of obstacles, slights, sneers and jeers is the prospect of a weekend with your team, in your safe haven.  

A safe haven can be a person, place or thing similar to a church or temple, a grandmother or favorite aunt that gets you or a beauty and fashion addiction…. 

No one group holds the patent on sacred spaces.  My belief is that God almighty is the only creator of life… All life.  Therefore if you have not the power to give life you sure as hell don’t have the right to take it away. 

Stay Connected!

Prayers for all of those families who lost a loved one and gained an angel!! A very colorful angel👼🏾

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