My Journey and why i’m pissed!


When did it become okay to do yo momma, cousin, and auntie’s hair in your basement, post the pics on instagram  and proceed to declare yourself #hairgoddess, #instaglam, #industrypro, #celebritystylist…I mean really!!!? What happened to actually enrolling in an accredited cosmetology course or any educational facility of higher learning.  Weave technicians seem to be the worst offenders and quite frankly make my tits itch with their blatant audacity.  At this point, my seven year old can glue in a weave or tape down a wig with the same efficiency as some of these #weavefairies, #longhairdontcare #weaveologist.  I digress…can you feel my annoyance?? I don’t knock another persons hustle but…..if you think that watching a few youtube video’s makes you qualified to touch another persons hair,  without any knowledge of how infectious diseases and disorders are passed let alone information regarding the causes of alopecia….I want to slap somebody!!  But honestly, the wannabe stylist are not entirely to blame for this underground, black market surge of bootleg beauticians.   If you are a salon patron who has ever complained about exorbitant salon prices, long waits and bad service than you have opened this door for the ratchets to push through.  You have accepted low quality for convenience and cheaper prices, you have lowered your standards of professionalism by allowing these people into your life out of a….’I just need my hair did’ style desperation.  Basements in disarray, children everywhere, drug store products, loud cell phone conversations over your head, weed smoking in your face….or cigarettes,  ‘hold on I need to make a run’ foolishness, where did she go? nonsense!!!  Is the $20 you saved worth the gawd awful experience of a bootlegger..if so CARRY ON!

If not…find yourself a board licensed hairstylist who understands what you want and need, treats you with respect and values your time!!!…..and stay with them until such time that they do not meet your criteria.  The survival of the beauty industry depends on you!!

just a thought,

now back to our previously scheduled programming!


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