PMAC Trade Show highlights

In case you missed it, the take away from The Film & Television Panel PMAC

1. Respect the industry by getting your education and staying on top of your game (Professional means you are licensed or otherwise Certified/ Trained) Gwynnis Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Academy

2. Respect the Artist that opened the door for you or provided you with an opportunity you would not have gotten on your own….you show respect by doing what you were called to do and playing YOUR position!! #yvonneeagle #CherlThomas

3. ‘The Set’ is not the place for shameless self promotion, hook-ups, passing out your business card or trying to be the ‘Talent’ BFF!!!

4. Show up on time…..that means 15-30 minutes early (on time is actually late)…that one’s mine SalonOgraphy

5. Play the role the Director hired to play….and play it WELL!!! Nyssa Green

6. KNOW YOUR CRAFT!!! do your research! know your time periods and your regional looks,
………if your asked to do a plantation look… it is not the time for a glittery lip or yellow eye shadow because that’s your signature look. (Big No No) DO WHAT YOU ARE HIRED TO DO!! and do the hell out of it!!! Keistrokes by Keitric Starks

7. To stay relevant you must Anticipate what the markets needs are and adjust accordingly!! Keitric Starks

The predominant theme of the panel was Respecting the industry and ‘on-set’ Professionalism. The panel could not stress enough that success and longevity for the entire industry is contingent upon ALL ARTIST following this ‘on-set’ code of conduct!! — with Gwynnis Mosby at Le Fais do-do.

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