A word about MENTORS!

A word about MENTORS!

They can impact, influence, change, and inspire your life in many ways. Who would of thought a hairdresser could have such an effect on another person’s future, but this one did. For those who know my story, they know I became a mom very early in my life and although I had many positive examples and paths to follow; none were as powerful as that of Mrs. Pecolia Vance.
As one of the few local businesswomen I knew at the time, Mrs. Vance was the wisest, most passionate and encouraging of individuals whose worldly and spiritual advice actually resonated. Some people give you advice and you take it with a grain of salt; others, you hang on to every word!. Nothing meant more to me than when speaking to her I felt I had her undivided attention, eye contact mattered. When she spoke to me, Mrs. Vance didn’t talk over my head like she was above me or preachy, she broke things down to facts I could chew and swallow. Her advice was always entrepreneurial in nature, ‘If your going to work hard, work hard for yourself’!. I took heed to the things she said, but more importantly, the things she did… Mrs. Pecolia has owned her own business for over forty years….successfully. The point to this post is…. Never underestimate your usefulness, your words, advice, encouragement, or just lending someone your ear…can change, impact, influence or inspire someone to greatness.

Thank you, Mrs. Pecolia!

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