Care for Short Hair


Short hair is high maintenance but well worth the trouble.  Mistakenly,  clients assume that once they go short the hard work is over that short hair is get up and go hair…. no ma’am.

But if you follow these few hair care tips to maintain short hair,  you’ll get out of the house a lot faster. 

First, and most importantly, find a hairstylist who can execute a short haircut  that fits your face and head shape, not a cookie cutter stylist that puts the same style on every client.

If you wear a relaxer you will have to obtain partial relaxers in between relaxers depending on your texture and length of hair at the nape. For instance, if your wearing a pixie cut and your texture is beyond a level 4B or extra-curly, medium textured,  then you may need to apply relaxer to the back and sides to lay them back down.  Damage from overlapping or overprocesssing isn’t a concern because the nape and hair on the sides are kept short with trims every two weeks.

That brings me to trims, haircut maintanence is crucial to keeping your style intact.  Once it’s short your hair can’t wait to be long again.  Your stylist will instinctively trim the hair from around your ears and off your neck unless your allowing it to grow out.  The objective is to not miss too many trims because anything over a half inch is no longer a trim it’s a haircut…and more expensive.  Some stylist don’t differentiate between cuts and trims, like myself,  so know your stylist haircut policy beforehand.

A great conditioning treatment at least once a month, preferably every two weeks,  keeps your tresses supple and shiny.  See best conditioner post in the drop down menu for my list of my salon faves.  Every couple of days or if your hair starts to feels dry or lacks shine, add a conditioning cream leave-in moisturizer by Kera-care or Design Essentials, coconut oil works well also. 

And lastly,  try to use as little heat as possible, once or twice a week maximum.  Short hair is not bulletproof,  firing up the curling irons every day will ensure damage and or breakage.  Wrapping your hair with a Velcro wrap, a DooRag or a scarf at night, EVERY night, will hold your style until your next appointment.  Satin pillowcase for those who sleep to rough to keep their scarves on their head… you know who you are.

The take away is short hair is manageable if you create a routine and follow it relentlessly.  My short hair clients only want to go shorter, never longer… they’re hooked. 

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