the ‘Muse’ of Kerastase….Not Me!!

Cover of "Kate"
Cover of Kate

Kerastase brand has launched a new ad featuring one of my fave’s, Kate Moss….adding to her long list of endorsements including but not limited to her cocaine snorting candid’s which made her as every bit as much of a household name as Cindy Crawford.

Following those rather unflattering photos of Kate ‘allegedly’ snorting cocaine while outside her former boyfriends studio; Kate was posthumously dropped from her Chanel and H&M contracts….until the dust cleared. (no pun intended) Kate’s Agent, commented that…. ‘all press is good press’; Chanel agreed and resigned her soon after.

Born in Croydon, London in 1974, and discovered at age of 14 by Sarah Doukas of the Storm Agency during a lay over at the JFK airport, Kate Moss has since graced more than 166 magazine covers including the very first cover of Russian Vogue.

Day photographed Kate Moss for her first Vogue...
Day photographed Kate Moss for her first Vogue cover in 1993. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kate, pre-snort, was mostly famous for her beautiful but freakishly thin frame which incidentally inspired the ‘Waif’ phenomenon; an even skinnier high fashion runway model than the already emaciated version.

I rather appreciate Kate for her gloriously high cheek bones and flawless beauty….apparantly the cocoa bean has antioxidant powers. Kate Moss may as well be the new face of Teflon…….her career has weathered the worst press since Naomi Campbell’s

Kate Moss for Kerastase
Kate Moss for Kerastase

cellphone assault.

According to, Moss is the 2nd highest paid models worth nearly $50 million with annual endorsements totaling approx. $9 million.

How does she do it? …lets see, she is the face of Rimmel Cosmetics, Versace, David Yurman, a few fragrances including Coco Mademoiselle , Yves Saint Laurents Opium….she’s collaborated with Longchamps on a line of high-end handbags and finally this supermodel mogul secured a deal with TopShop that’s raked in a whopping $40 million in revenue since 2007.

Most recently, Kate and a few of her supermodel peers made an appearance at

the 2012 Olympics ceremony in the UK

In 2011, Moss married her long-time boyfriend Jamie Hince, the 43-year-old guitarist from the group The Kills.
She also has a 11-year-old daughter, Lila Grace, from a previous relationship with magazine editor Jefferson Hack, 41. Sara Doukas continues to represent Kate Moss, and represent her well she does!!!

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