Gatsby’s Costume Dynamic Duo Miuccia Prada and Martin

Congrats to Team Hair & Make up for their Oscar win last night.  Up against American Hustle’s 70’s Bouffaints and kinky fro’s; I would have to agree with the academy on this one!!

Oscar winner for best hair & make up 2014
Oscar winner for best hair & make up 2014


American Hustle
American Hustle


















Miuccia Meets Martin: Prada’s ‘Gatsby’ Costume Exhibit Opens in NY.

I love this period in hair and fashion and cannot wait until the debut of Baz Luhrmann’Gatsby’ featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan.  Having refreshed my memory of this classic book that I haven’t thought of since high school, I can already feel the motion sickness from the sea of finger waves that will be gracing a movie screen in the very near future.  In the twenties, the girls weren’t afraid  to kick their heels up in fur, sequins, jewels and appliqued party dresses getting their Charleston on… kinda carrying on!!!1920s Flapper Style

The 1974 version of  “The Great Gatsby” directed by Jack Clayton,  is currently on Netflix and is worth every bit of the almost two and a half hours I spent plastered to the couch taking it all in.  Robert Redford is ‘girlishly ‘handsome donning mostly Ralph Lauren (evident by the wide necktie his signature style).  He really is the original Brad Pitt, circa Meet Joe Black (1999) and Mia Farrow is as always, captivating.  I must give a shout out to the ’74 Gatsby hair and make up department including;  Roman Gow, Gary Liddiard and Charles E. Parker.  Based on what I’ve seen so far from the 2013 trailers; the ’74 glam squad gave us a little more variety in the hair department with only three artist.  Luhrmann’s Glam squad has tripled the manpower including Tobey and Leo’s ‘personal’ make up artist LuAnn Claps and Sian Grigg respectively.

Cover of "The Great Gatsby"
Cover of The Great Gatsby

Gatsby Extra With HeadbandHands down the star of the show (in both versions) is clearly the costume design, hair and make up…!!!!  but I suppose I’m biased…..Awe the roaring 20’s, Miuccia Prada along with Catherine Martin visually articulated the style of F.Scott Fitzgerald in the 2013 ode to West Egg.  That vision is on display possibly at an international Prada store near you if you live in Soho New York you have until May 12th to touch history, Tokyo June 14-20th and lastly the tour wraps up in  Shanghai mid-July.  I imagine this fall we will see many incarnations of the flapper and elegantly tapered mens suit’s….oh gawd I hope so!! but until then…….

The Great Gatsby opens May 1oth

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