“SalonOgraphy…….Every stylist has a story”

Every Hairstylist has a story,

Every hairstylist had a spark that lit their internal  creativity. Some of us were fashion hawks, flipping through every issue of Vogue and WWD magazine’s trying to recreate the images of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, hoping to work under the ubiquitous tents of Bryant Park like Odile Gilbert or Antoinette Beenders.

Every Hairstylist has a story,

Some of us had a passion for something but couldn’t identify exactly what it was.  You  loved to style everyone’s hair; including your pets,  doodle on anything and everything including yourself (you’ve replaced that with a full sleeve tattoo), made up every face you came in contact with and hadn’t seen a lip gloss or eyeshadow you didn’t love.  Until one day someone very close to you suggested you enroll in beauty school….Eureka, now your thee most sought after make up artist in town like Mally Roncal.file:

Or maybe your parents told you; its beauty school or the military….you choose.!

We all had a dream or a spark that drove us to go through the rigors of cosmetology school,  state board scrutiny and  hours upon hours of standing in one place doing a color correction or fantasy hair and make up.

Whatever your story may be; share it with your beauty industry community by posting  your comments here:

http://www.SalonOgraphy.wordpress.com or,

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