Bronner Bros hair show…..still relevant????

I bought a ticket to the Bronner Bros. Hair Show today and I honestly don’t know what to expect..well I do but…here’s hoping. The last show was dominated by Korean beauty suppliers who were pushing weave like hotcakes. Now, I love my weave as much as the next diva, but, is that all there is at Bronner these day’s. I was a little disappointed with the tone and tempo of last years show, mostly due to the flea market vibe the bootleg cd and incense vendors were sending out. As annoying as it was, the cheesy vendors were not so much of a let down as the uneducated platform artist who couldn’t explain the base chemical or active ingredient found in the relaxers’s they were peddling…and I’m supposed to trust you and your products on my clients hair, I think not. Major vendors, such as Paul Mitchell, Soft Sheen, Sebastian, Clairol, and Matrix didn’t even bother and Dudley’s presence was extremely underwhelming. There were a few company’s who tried as they might to present their products as professionally as possible considering the declining venue; FHI, Sally’s, of course Bronner’s products (the home team) and Mizani. But for the most part, Bronner has become more of an expo disguised as a professional trade show…. They do not allow just anyone into a professional trade show, you must actually have a trade, like maybe a cosmetology license. Nonetheless, I will be in attendance next weekend because I must support my industry…but Bronner, can we get it together…please!!!!

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