Hair Cocktails

More and more I am noticing celebrity hairstylist disclosing trade secrets of the salon industry; hair cocktails. Otherwise known as quick fix salon remedies we concoct to tweak commercial products that are either too heavy, too light, drying, dull or too thick. Stylist of every elk are mixing serums, pomades, gels and conditioners together to find the right balance of hydration without being heavy, shiny without the oil slick, and body without being dry. With all the new product lines on the market from Ojon to Morocconoil, you would think manufacturers would ask stylist in the ethnic market what they need. I have always mixed my gels with water, especially brown gel, to get a consistency that is stronger than setting lotion but not as stiff as concentrated gel. Oil is also added to some gels to counter the dryness that results from all the alcohol used in the product as a drying agent. Back in day I swore by Vitapoint and Kemi-Oil for the perfect balance of shine and hydration. In the article previously posted (see older post) celebrity stylist Ursula Stephens revealed her potions for added softness, pliability, and protective solutions used to buffer the hair from the intense hear of blow dryers and flat irons. Bottom line, play with your products:):)

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