…a chubby hairstylist

Yes, I am her and she is me;  a chubby hairstylist!

Two decades of scarfing down meals between clients, standing in one place all day and consuming whatever delicacy food vendors peddle like crack cocaine in the salon has had a staggering effect on my dress size and in real numbers equals one additional ass to drag.

In my twenties when my metabolism was in full throttle mimicking my social life, calories were not an issue.  My thirties saw my waist to hip ratio sill holding;  the dunk was high and tight.  But geez,  my forties have treated me like the greedy,  lazy,  legging wearing heifer I said I would never become.

From the neck up my saving grace has been my mothers’ genetics because people still remark on how I could pass for thirty even-though I haven’t seen thirty in years.   And thank dear baby Jesus for that #Redken ShadesEQ in espresso for keeping me from looking like Madame CJ Walker incarnate with a head full of grey hair.  The being said,  neck down I feel like there’s a fifty-pound sack of potatoes strapped to my backside that walks with me and Jesus.

I refuse to let the hairstylist lifestyle dictate my expiration date prematurely nor live my life less fulfilled. The weight-gain and all that it entails,  including:  fatigue,  inflammation, and impending metabolic diseases…… not to mention the depression you experience just from the aging process!!! It is enough to drive you to drink but that too speeds up the aging process…smh.   Add to that twenty  years of abusing and neglecting my body from working with caloric-ly challenged hairstylist that celebrate everything with cake and tequila…..and here we are.

But I am determined not to let those bald-headed, ragged-y sisters named fat and old drag me and my two ass’s to the depths of hell.  This weight-loss and anti-aging journey will not be easy but the first step is simply….to begin.  No expensive health club membership, no fancy classes, and no #Peloton (not YET anyway);  the key to dropping this extra butt will be to eat less and move more.

That is why last month I simply opened my front door and started walking;  three miles later I was back a home and feeling great.  I drank sixteen extra ounces of water and added flax-seed to my oatmeal, chia to my yogurt and more protein and less carbs to each meal.  The following day I reached four miles with a sprint here and there to speed up my heart rate.  Its working,  Just by adding a few changes to my daily routine my ass is five pounds lighter…albeit, two of them remain.

After listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast (#237 to be exact) about Exploring smart drugs, fasting and weight loss with Rhonda Patrick,  I decided that my next step will be time-restricted eating.  I’m no expert so you’ll have to visit @foundmyfitness by Dr. Patrick or check out http://www.fourhourworkweek.com, a blog by Ferriss to get the juicy details.

For the purposes of me losing my extra ass,  the gist of time-restrictive eating is fitting all your meals into a 8 to 12 hour time period and fasting or allowing your body to heal and regenerate for the additional hours.  This act alone can reduce disease-causing inflammation in the body that accelerates the aging process as well as encouraging weight-loss or simply aides in maintaining a health weight.  I’m choosing to start with a ten-hour window where my last meal will be exactly ten-hours after my first. …pray for me,  I’m a night muncher!!!

My Chubby hairstylist game plan is taking shape, check in and follow http://www.Salonography.com to see how it works!

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Again, see a doctor not a blogger of actual health advice;  to listen to more information on time-restricted eating please visit:

#TimFerriss blog at http://www.fourhourworkweek.com (podcast #237)

#RhondaPatrick ,PhD,  blog @foundmyfitness

(you may have to listen to her podcast several times….its a lot to chew on)

tell them I sent you:)

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