The Shade!

Thankfully the shade is real in the RedKen lab or my job would be impossible.

My Pinterest board is lit with hair color trends, from the subtle tone-on-tone glazing,  to the extreme, never occurs naturally in life colors.  

#ShadesEQcolorgloss has saved my a$$ on more than one occasion, particularly when the brass section shows up to drown out a client’s song and dance whenever I ask the question “…have you had a black rinse or any color services during the last year?”

Without fail and logic, clients swear that their locks are as pure as the Virgin Mary….LIES!!

Unfortunately, fairytales get you nothing but hot roots and  dark ends that will then require a corrective color application and a custom toner….my fave is #RedkenShadesEQ demi-permanent gloss.

My favorite go to shades: 6RR, 06WG, 04N, 08GyN (Ivy), 09V , 09N, 03RV, 06R, 09OP

Basically the entire N & WG series 

A membership card &Saloncentric is essential…get in to it!!

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