……….it takes a village!

Ty putting in werk
Ty putting in werk

Musicians are unique in that they may sing, dance or play an instrument; they are the star of the show featuring themselves!.  When Beyonce is on stage, no one watches and wonders who negotiated the deal that financed her performance.  No one ponders the painstaking work the engineers put in to get the sound just right or the person who arranges the lighting so that it reflects her best  features at just the right angle.



The choreographer, the songwriter, the agent, the manager, the stylist, the accountant, public relations, consultants, interns etc,;  all members of the village necessary to build and manage the brand that is Beyonce.  I use the Beyonce reference because everyone but her die hard fans understand that she didn’t ‘wake up like that’.  My point,  with the right support from top to bottom, beginning with a committed salon owner, manager, salon coordinators, well trained and skilled staff of stylist, nail technicians, skin therapist and salon assistants;  as evidenced by the super-stardom of Beyonce, the sky is the limit.

it takes a village!
it takes a village!

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