Best Man pt. deux

Best Man pt. deux

Anytime I can comment on the utter chocolate goodness that is Morris Chestnut, I am all to happy to do so. The Best Man Part deux is slated to debut on November 15th 2013 to an American audience and I will be the first one at the fork & screen to drink in that mocha latte of a man that is Lance Sullivan. Director, Malcolm D. Lee ended the last installment with the black line dance AKA ‘the electric slide’ to end the wedding reception of Lance and Mia (Monica Calhoun), Holiday begins at Kwanza(lol) fifteen years later.

The drama continues between Julian, Candy and his controlling ex-girlfriend Shelby who we last saw waking up in bed with ‘scene thief’ Terrence Howard aka ‘Quentin’. This time I hope Shelby gets karate chopped in her trachea for all her shenanigans, she’s due and its time. Nia Long’s ‘Jordan’ gets it in with the notorious cheater (in real life) Eddie Cibrian (No Judgment). Cibrian plays Brian McDaniels in part deux and he is a wonder to behold (as I fan myself) his scenes look very reminiscent of Simon Baker’s ole’ negro spiritual (cookout) scene from ‘Something New’….this should be fun albeit minus Mike Epps.

Taye Diggs’ and Sinaa Lathans’ characters seem to have better chemistry this time, or maybe I just had an issue with Sinaas’ or ‘Robins’ overall style…it was….less than stellar but I assume that was intentional since Jordan’s style (Robins competition) was on point!!.

The 1999 Best Man, featured the work of celebrity hairstylist Ellin La Var who needs no intro and Quentin Harris of ‘Brown Sugar’ also the hit HBO series ‘Sex in the City’. Mary Aaron from ‘Boardwalk Empires’ and Toy Van Lierop rounded out the team with a resume complete with ‘Precious, ‘I Am Legend’ and no less than eight credits on Eddie Murphy movies, including one of my personal favorites ‘Boomerang’.

This time around, the Glam Squad on The Best Man Holiday consists of the uber fabulous Debra Denson who beats those faces into oblivion. Debra ‘Debbie’ Denson has been the key make up artist to Martin Lawrence and Ice Cube since House Party back in the day. Her resume includes recently released Oscar nominated film ‘Lee Daniel’s The Butler’, as well as black cinema faves ‘Think like a Man’, ‘Are We There Yet’, ‘Death at a Funeral’, ‘Lottery Ticket’, ‘Something New’ and countless TV series from ‘Moesha’ to ‘Living Single’. With Debbie on the job, coveting the looks of Sinaa, Nia, Monica and Regina will be more than worth the cost of admission….. if chocolate-dipped Morris and caramel-coated Terrance don’t quite do it for you.
See you there!!!!

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