Hair Salon Drama!!!

Hair Salon Drama!!!, originally uploaded by salonOgrapy.

Anyone can own a salon but few have the financial resources, management skills and business savvy to have any sort of prolonged success. Akeelah Rahming was the owner of Le’elegance hair salon in Atlanta, I’m sure she began with good intentions because she invested a good deal of money on flat screen televisions and modern decor but at the end of the day, she had NO IDEA. Within weeks of working here, the phone was disconnected, then the water heater went out while the owner was vacationing in the Bahama’s and we had to wait until she came back to get it fixed. But the absolute worst thing was coming to work monday morning to find the salon completely empty, not only did she strip down the salon of all Her things, she took all of mine as well. Fortunately, I was able to recover most of my things a few months later but the scar remains:)

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