45’s Shit Storm-y

Does the emergence of Stormy Daniels effectively end the year-long ‘women as victim’, survivors edition moment? OR, elevate the movement to Bad girls of the WWE like status??

In this episode of ‘fiery shit Stormy reigns vengeance on DD’s non, non-disclosure agreement’, I got #teamBecky for the win. Well, well, well,….what a freaky turn of events!

Ordinarily, the antagonist would be obvious in a story involving the President of these United States Of America vs. a salacious purveyor of kink, but the latter also describes the former. My what a tangled web ….. but dude, you should have remembered to signed the NDA and held the side of ‘alleged’ physical threats….. own your kink!

In siding with team Becky, I relent to storing my election anger momentarily, considering the majority (approx. 53%), of her tribe are the reason we are in this political hell in the first place. But maybe they will finally redeem themselves by bringing this dramatic comedy to a fiery end. White women brung us here, it’s only fair that Stormy Daniels deliver us from evil, or DD (wink).

If you think about it, A white women is the only person who could pull this off; suing the President, of course!!!, why not??. I mean her track record is impeccable: Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, O.J. Simpson, Kanye West, Lamar Odom, Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer, Bill O’Reilly, Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose… etc, all can thank a white women who snitched.

Historically, white women have always held the trump card of perceived innocence, purity and virtue which engenders her uncanny ability to galvanize supporters in the court of public opinion, ….in some cases on accusations alone. As none of these aforementioned celebrities are in prison, yet, but who’s livelihood took a knee with legal fees that could’ve bankrupted a southern state… but that’s their dumb ass fault!

At this point, it would not be advantageous to antagonize Becky, for her powers are girded by white tears and a romantic fetishized heroism of the antebellum south. Well Stormy ain’t no Scarlett O’Hara, but neither was Vivian Leigh, however, I too support you in your endeavors in saving the Union this time… do us proud Ms. Clifford!!

*photo Eduardo Munoz/Reuters, NYT 2018

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