DOT day…be all day!

If Trump don’t care about the damn environment, paying taxes or various state and local regulations in this #maga culture, then why in the H, E, (double hockey sticks) do I have to? Do I really need this tag or is this just another example of a government over reach? (a rant)

But here I am,  waiting and waiting….. and, WAITING;   And, low key nervous,  that this more than reliable, LATE model Honda will not pass inspection.

Every year,  like Groundhogs Day,  I loose several hours of my life dealing with people who are soo aggravated from dealing with people like ME, that they have become, well, ME!

Now, don’t get me wrong,  I live for an occasional ignorant moment in the DMV,   as long as it doesn’t involve ME!  My mood today dictates that my reluctance to start a rebellion could end today.

Wish me luck… I could quite possibly end up on Fox5 News tonight… with any luck😜!<<<<<<<<<<

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