…………How she got started

I have no vested interest in shouting out this girl aside from my visceral need to support #BlackGirlMagic when I see it,  especially when its a female comedian.    I finally met @Jesshilarious.official after her Atlanta comedy show last week and she’s a sweetheart.  I got a chance to thank her personally for the laughs and the distraction she provides me from my greedy husband and needy ass children.

Now,  I don’t know how I feel about the $10 they charged me to take a picture with her…but,  whatever.  Charge it to the game! But why does my head look like it ate her head in this pic tho? 0_o!IMG_5153

With over a million followers on social media, ‘Jess with the mess’ opened for @MartinLawrence;  that’s major!! I’m sure there are male comediens who haven’t had that experience yet so Kudos!

IMG_5201 An Instagram sensation, at least that’s where I found her, who just hosted the @BETLive Experience and the newest cast member of BET’s Wild’N Out, which I don’t watch but maybe now I will….probably not!

Shouts out to her and all those who have the boobs to follow their dreams,  I used to say balls but it’s a women’s world now…..in my head.  Jess is proof that being your authentic self does pay off, even if it doesn’t feel that way in the beginning.  Keep swimming even when people don’t get you or it takes forever to gain followers….JUST KEEP SWIMMING.

Comedy soothes the soul and lifts your spirits after life rolls you hard….. Laughter is healing, laughter can change your entire outlook sometimes and bring you back from the edge.  Not that I’ve been to the edge…I have been pretty damn close but I won’t be playing in traffic anytime soon.


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