How not to be ignorant…

…….When you call your child’s school!

If by some chance you need to call your child’s school please begin with an intro,  like Hello!…and maybe your name (just a suggestion)

Identifying yourself is also helpful because believe it or not,  it goes a long way towards determining who your child is and possibly what the hell you want.

When the school secretary ask for your child’s name it is very helpful if you give her your child’s ‘actual’ name and not ‘man man’, ‘lil man’ or ‘Pooter’….Again, very helpful!

Also, there will be times when a volunteer, such as myself, will relieve the secretary for a  bathroom break and fill in by answering the phones so that parents always have a direct line of communication.

That being said,  it is not okay to curse out the volunteer by asking her “Why the f$ck she is answering the phones if she don’t work there;  put a damn employee on the phone?”  (yes, this happened!)


Please be advised that it is not a good idea to treat the people who care for your children POORLY!  Not only is it illogical…it could also have far-reaching repercussions.

It is in your best interest to remain calm, be professional and respectful to school administrators, no matter what!  If they are not acting in kind than keep a record and seek counsel……

Otherwise, act like you have some damn sense when you call your child’s school!




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