New Coffee House✔️

Okay so Atlanta is slowly becoming unrecognizable to anyone who’s lived here for more than ten years.  I’ve been here twenty-three years and every time I go downtown there’s a new building, restaurant,  a Sprout,  a bar, upscale condos, a high-end shopping center 
etc.etc.  I love it, I may never leave this city at this rate… except to go to the beach.  


Today I found two cute places to visit, one was very disappointing because they had racks of amazingly stylish clothing……in sizes 0, 2 & a whopping size 4.  Insert middle finger emoji here!  The store is called Kane in West Midtown but don’t bother if your curvy… you’ll be pissed!

Next door is where I spent way too much time for today to be a workday.  The Revelator coffee shop is probably the most pedestrian chic coffee shop I’ve ever obnoxiously talked on my cell phone in without judgement.  

I ordered the avocado toast and a cup of joe from Santa Barbara,  the coffee was delish….. avocado toast? not so much but definitely not worth complaining about.  Turns out, I didn’t have to, the barista noticed my lukewarm reaction to the food and refunded my meal just because.  

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